1. What are the acceptance points of centrifugal smoke exhaust fan?


              What are the acceptance points of centrifugal smoke exhaust fan:
              1. The appearance of the centrifugal smoke exhaust fan shall conform to the drawing size;
              2. The design of the housing and legs of the smoke exhaust fan shall ensure sufficient strength and stiffness. When the external force and external torque at the interface flange reach a larger allowable value, it shall not affect the normal operation of the fan;
              3, the impeller and shaft connection structure, must ensure that at a higher working speed until the trip speed, will not change the balance of the rotor;
              4. The noise at a distance of 1 meter from the main body of the fan shall not be greater than the lower noise standard requirements of the place of use;
              5. The motor shall be designed according to the larger operating conditions, and the rated power of the motor shall be at least 1.1 times of the larger power required by the larger operating conditions. And the motor can be started under a small flow and meet the requirements of frequent starting;

              6. The power distribution motor of the centrifugal fan shall meet the national standard, and the current low protection grade shall be IP44. F grade insulation, temperature rise to meet grade B insulation requirements, motor junction box protection grade IP65;
              7. The fan motor can ensure continuous operation under full load when the power loss in the short circuit of the power grid is no more than 0.5 seconds and the motor is immediately restored to normal;
              8. When the voltage drops to 85% during normal operation, the fan motor can continue to operate under rated power without overtemperature under voltage fluctuation lasting 20 seconds;
              9. The motor model standard is clear, which is convenient for inspection. The motor bearing model is required to be marked, which is convenient for maintenance.
              10. The protective width of the coupling protective cover shall meet the safety specification.